Writer Guidelines

For specific information and specific deadlines, please contact Editor Guy Crittenden at 1-800-268-7742 ext. 3580 or gcrittenden@solidwastemag.com

All contributors must sign a "Freelance Work Agreement." (32KB PDF format) The agreement provides HazMat Management magazine with first serial rights to the material for print and electronic publishing. However, contributors retain copyright in the material, which means they can offer the material to another publication after it appears in HazMat Management magazine. Contributors also retain moral rights, which means they have the right to have their names associated with their work, and to decide what that work can be associated with (with the exception of reprints).

How to send (in order of preference):
E-mail your article and/or art work to:

Please be sure to follow these format guidelines:
Click here to view the acceptable image file formats [PDF document].
* Diskette by Courier/Mail:

Guy Crittenden, Editor
HazMat Management Magazine
80 Valleybrook Drive
Toronto, ON
M3B 2S9

Please include a hard copy of your article. Please send art materials with a cardboard reinforcement and write “DO NOT BEND” on the envelope.

From outside Canada, please write “NCV” for “no commercial value” on the courier package so that it is not held up at customs.

If you are unsure whether or not you are on the magazine mailing list, please contact Circulation Manager at 416-442-5600, ext. 3545.

To read current and past articles see www.hazmatmag.com.

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