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April 17, 2017 News

Quebec announces $175 Million Clean-up Fund

by John Nicholson

The Government of Quebec recently announced it is setting aside $175 million over the next five years to fund the clean-up of vacant land.  Of that the total sum, $120 million will be spent on cleaning up contaminated lands owned

February 16, 2017 News

Webinar on Leveraging Resources for Brownfields Revitalization:

by John Nicholson

Brownfield grants from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are one of many sources of funds that can support redevelopment of contaminated sites. This webinar will highlight a number of redevelopment resources available from the National Park Service (NPS), The

February 9, 2017 News

Observations from the Brownfield Trenches in the U.S.: The Phase I Report

by Richard Opper

Lately, it seems that more and more often one runs into a Phase I report for a property that has already been through some assessment and remediation.  That is, after all, the status of many a completed brownfield project.  It’s

January 27, 2017 Feature

Ontario Court of Appeal Makes Significant Ruling on Damages for Property Contamination

by Jack Coop Partner at Fogler, Rubinoff LLP, and a Certified Specialist in Environmental Law

Introduction In a decision released January 11, 2017 – Crombie Property Holdings Limited v. McColl-Frontenac Inc. et. al – the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned a summary judgment decision of the Superior Court of Justice that dismissed a civil lawsuit

January 26, 2017 News

Ontario Government to handle contaminated land at Stelco

by John Nicholson

As recently reported in the Hamilton Spectator, the Ontario Government stated it will assume the environmental legacy issues associated with contamination at the Stelco property in the north end of Hamilton.  The reason for the decision by the Ontario Government

December 1, 2016 News

Michigan’s Bold Move to Encourage Brownfields Development

by John Nicholson

In an effort to accelerate the redevelopment on brownfield sites, the Michigan State senate recently passed a bi-partisan a series of tax incentives bills that provides tax breaks to companies that redevelop brownfield sites.  The five bills, referred to as

October 27, 2016 News

Clean-up Incentives Proposed for Brownfield Owners

by John Nicholson

As reported in the Daily Herald Tribune, the City of Grande Prairie, Alberta is considering providing owners of brownfield sites in the City an incentive for them to clean up their sites.  The incentive would be in the form of

September 29, 2016 News

B.C. Municipality calling for Increased Property Taxes on Brownfields

by John Nicholson

Elected officials from the City of Terrace, British Columbia is taking a resolution to the Union of British Columbia Municipalities annual convention this month calling for local governments to have the power to raise taxes on property owners of brownfield

September 16, 2016 News

Canadian Brownie Awards 2016

by John Nicholson

The Canadian Brownie Awards recognize the builders, innovators and visionaries who are dedicated to the rehabilitation of brownfield sites that were once contaminated, under-utilized and undeveloped into productive residential and commercial projects that contribute to the growth of healthy communities

September 8, 2016 News

Studying Adjacent Property Values before and After Brownfield Cleanup

by John Nicholson

A study on property values in the vicinity of brownfield sites in the City of Youngstown, Ohio showed that cleaning up contaminated properties in the city resulted in an increase in the selling price of nearby properties by 18 percent

July 21, 2016 News

U.S. EPA Brownfields Funding Opportunity

by John Nicholson

U.S. EPA funding is available to eligible entities who wish to develop an area-wide plan for brownfields assessment, cleanup, and subsequent reuse. The proposal submission deadline is August 10, 2016.   The funding is for research and/or technical assistance activities

June 30, 2016 News

Lessons on Leveraging Brownfield’s Grants

by John Nicholson

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) recently recognized Springfield, Missouri for its successful 17-year history of redevelopment of brownfield properties.  Since 1999, the City has leveraged the $7 million in U.S. EPA grant money and technical assistance into more