January 27, 2009 - by Solid Waste Magazine

INFORMATION SESSIONS: Overview of the new Federal PCB Regulations

Each of these one-day regulatory compliance information sessions are designed to provide a general overview of the new federal PCB Regulations, and what the specific requirements are for those involved in the end-of-use, storage, transfer and destruction of PCBs. The focus will be on the key issues of the regulation and the requirements and tasks of persons involved in the management of PCBs, namely,

- prohibiting the release, manufacture, export, import, offer for sale, sale, processing and use of PCBs and products containing PCBs; and sets out those cases where these activities are permitted;
- setting deadlines for and tracking the progress of ending the use and storage of PCBs and products and for their destruction; and setting out the requirements pertaining to PCB storage sites.

Sessions will not involve any financial costs beyond travel to the meetings, and will be held across the country in various locations from late January and Feburary. If interested, please contact Environment Canada in your region of interest:
Pacific and Yukon (PCB.PYR@ec.gc.ca, (604) 666-9100)
Prairie and Northern (PCB.PNR@ec.gc.ca, (306) 780-6464)
Ontario (ken.de@ec.gc.ca, (416) 739-5870)
Quebec (lcpe.info.cepa@ec.gc.ca, (514) 283-7305)
Atlantic (pcb.atl@ec.gc.ca, (902) 426-7231).


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