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December/January 2008: Related Reports and Articles

Carbon Disclosure Project Report 2007
Download PDF Document

Hazardous Waste in Ontario: Progress and Challenges
2007 Status Report PDF Document

2007 Annual Report on Hazardous Waste Management
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August/September 2006: Related Reports and Articles

NAFTA Commission for Environmental Cooperation "Taking Stock" report

Sustainable Technology Development Canada (SDTC) Funding

Brownfields Redevelopment report by Association of Municipalities Ontario

June/July 2006: Related Reports and Articles

Award-winning Editorial -- Editor Connie Vitello wins Gold Award for Best Editorial from the Canadian Business Press
Fuel for the fire

Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
Canadian Institute for Environmental Law and Policy report
Post Consumer Pharmaceutical Stewardship Association

April/May 2006: Related Reports and Articles

  • NPRI

  • Ontario Reg 127

  • OnAir Historic Repository


  • February/March 2006: Related Reports and Articles

    Automotive indoor air quality report

    Impact of Canada's Voluntary Agreement on GHG Emmisions 

    [Maternity leave from April/May 2005 to December/January 2006]

    February/March 2005:  Related Reports and Articles

    The Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) report “North American Power Plant Air Emissions”

    Health Canada’s GHS documents

    January/December 2005:  Related Reports and Articles

    Statistics Canada report: Environmental Protection

    Brownie Award Winners
    Click here to view detail

    October/November 2004:  Related Reports and Articles

    International Joint Commission's Twelfth Biennial Report on Great Lakes Water Quality

    Legal Perspective: Website references in "Metrics for Environmental Success"
    Global Reporting Initiative
    Sustainable Asset Management
    Dow Jones Sustainability Index
    Innovest Group
    Michael Jantzi Research Associates

    International Exhibition for Environmental Technologies
    Download the Word document (953KB)

    Canadian Business Press "Information Sources Study"

    EPA Reports
    To read the complete TRI report, visit:
    To read the Environmental Integrity Project's report, visit:

    August/September 2004:  Related Reports and Articles

    Alberta E-Waste Recycling Fees

    Inco Limited Case -- Decision of the Divisional Court
    Download PDF document (47KB)

    Air Emissions Management Framework for the Alberta Electricity Sector
    Download PDF document (1086KB)

    "Nuclear Energy: A Tale of Two Plants"
    Download PDF document (108KB)

    April/May 2004:  Related Reports and Articles

    Commission for Environmental Cooperation's Taking Stock Report
    Download PDF document (25KB)

    National Corporate Social Responsibility Report
    Download PDF document

    February/March 2004:  Related Reports and Articles

    Canada-Quebec Agreement on Environmental Assessment -- please download PDF document

    WHMIS Symbol Game

    Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations

    CSA B621-98: CSA International

    CGSB 43.146-2002 and 43.147-2002: Canadian General Standards Board

    December/January 2004:  Related Reports and Articles

    State of the Industry Report -- Environmental law resource

    Brownfields 2003 Coverage

    National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy Brownfields report
    Cleaning up the Past, Building the Future (PDF format, 1.59MB)

    October/November 2003:  Related Reports and Articles

    Environmental Protection Expenditures in the Business Sector, 2000

    Port Colborne cleanup update, reports

    Environmental Emergencies Regulations on-line notification

    August/September 2003:  Related Reports and Articles

    New environmental emergency regulations

    Energy Probe Research Foundation

    Renaissance ROM web cam

    CCME proposed standards for coal-fired power generation

    June/July 2003: Related Reports and Articles

    Taking Stock Report

    National Post Business "Environment & Energy" supplement (PDF 2036KB)

    Safety Equipment Institute certified products list

    New B.C. Environment Act

    Quebec Pesticides Management Code

    Pesticides Regulations in Toronto

    April/May 2003: Related Reports and Articles

    "2003 Commercial Hazardous Waste Recycling, Treatment & Disposal Facilities" Report 

    Quebec Pesticide Management Code

    New U.S.-Style Auto Emissions Regulation and regulatory impact analysis statement and

    February/March 2003: Related Reports and Articles

    Editorial "The Iceman Cometh"

    Frasier Forum (PDF format, 840KB)

    December/January 2003: Related Reports and Articles

    Brownfields and Contaminated Sites Redevelopment

    Emergency Response Expert

    October/November 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    Canadian pollution prevention initiatives

    August/September 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    Great Lakes restoration agreement

    Toxic gas monitoring and

    TDG Clear Language Guidelines

    June/July 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    Fortune magazine article "Asbestos: The $200 Billion Miscarriage of Justice"

    Walkerton Drinking Water Reports

    Certified Environmental Site Assessor Program (CESA) or contact

    US EPA's Toxic Release Inventory Report

    Environmentally Sound Management framework

    April/May 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    Canada Communicable Disease Report, “Construction - Related Nosocomial Infections in Patients in Health Care Facilities: Decreasing the Risk of Aspergillus, Legionella and Other Infections”, Health Canada, 2001.

    Ontario Ministry of Labour, “Alert - Mould in Workplace Buildings”, 2000.

    Manitoba Labour, “Guidelines for the Investigation, Assessment and Remediation of Mould in Workplaces”, 2001.

    United States Environmental Protection Agency, “Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings”, 2001.

    February/March 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    January 2002: Related Reports and Articles

    • Toronto HazMat Conference & Show
    • Counter-terrorism links
      Institute Of HMM:
      Chemical Biological Defense Information Analysis Center:
      Emergency Response to Terrorism:
      FBI - Terrorism in the U.S.:
      Terrorism Research Center:
      FEMA - Rapid Response Information System:
      Industrial Scientific Consultants:
      Transport Canada:
      Counter-Terrorism Questionnaire
    • Reduce the Risk of Anthrax 
      Anthrax is a deadly bacterium that can enter the body in three ways: through contact with broken skin, through ingestion (eating) of an infected animal product, and through the inhalation of spores. Anthrax was sent to Capitol building and major news organizations through the mail. Authorities in Canada and the U.S. have advised that everyone watch out for suspicious packages.
      Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao issued recommendations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) that will reduce the risk of anthrax exposure when handling mail. Take the following precautionary measures as outlined by OSHA: 
      • Be on the lookout for suspicious letters and packages, including packages or envelopes of unusual weight or size, packages or envelopes with a handwritten address and/or no return address, and packages or envelopes with excessive postage.
      • Open packages/envelopes with a minimum amount of movement and always use a letter opener or method that is least likely to disturb the contents.
      • Do not blow into envelopes.
      • Do not shake or pour out the contents.
      • Keep hands away from nose and mouth when opening mail.
      • Always wash hands after handling mail.

    For links to more information from OSHA or Health Canada and to order an anthrax test kit see:,,

    • Safe Building Tips 
      The American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) offers the following disaster safety checklist for businesses in the aftermath of the catastrophe. ASSE recognizes that this is not a one-size-fits-all situation, and that the first step of any such initiative is a hazard evaluation and assessment performed by a safety professional, but this checklist may provide guidance to prepare a safe working environment.
    1. Structural security: Have the structural integrity of the building or facility validated by qualified professionals before anyone enters the facility.
    2. Safe entry: Contact the proper government agencies to get approval to resume occupancy. Do not enter a facility or building unless the proper clearances are attained.
    3. Cleanup safety: Implement cleanup and business resumption processes in a safe and healthful manner. Provide training in proper selection and use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for your employees such as eyewear, gloves, and dust masks/respirators during cleaning, and where appropriate in other operations.
    4. Air quality assessment: Make sure the atmosphere in the workplace environment is tested for asbestos and other chemical/hazardous agents. The issue of air quality is one a business may wish to pay careful attention to when restarting business operations.
    5. Ventilation: Have vents checked to assure that water heaters and gas furnaces are clear and operable. Dust and debris can stop or impede airflow, decreasing its quality and healthfulness. Safely start-up heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, which includes prior inspection of lines before energizing and pressurizing of the systems. Remember that the heating season is almost ready to begin. Test systems or have a qualified specialist do so. It is a good idea to blow cold air through HVAC systems at first, as opposed to warm weather, as it will help prevent the growth of mould in duct systems.

    For ASSE’s complete disaster checklist, see

    October 2001: Related Reports and Articles

    August/September 2001: Related Reports and Articles

    June/July 2001: Related Reports and Articles

    April/May 2001: Related Reports and Articles

    February/March 2001:  Related Reports and Articles

    December/January 2001:  Related Reports and Articles

    October/November 2000: Related Reports and Articles

    April/May 2000: Related Reports and Articles

    February/March 2000: Related Reports and Articles

    • Download the full text of the APA report.

    February/March 1999: Related Reports and Articles

    Award Winning Article - Hamilton Plastics Fire Coverup

    • Guy Crittenden wins the Silver Medal for Best Editorial at the 1998 Kenneth R. Wilson Awards, Sponsored by the Canadian Business Press

    June/July 1998: Related Reports and Articles

    April/May 1998: Related Reports and Articles

    February/March 1998: Related Reports and Articles

    December/January 1998: Related Reports and Articles

    October/November 1997: Related Reports and Articles

    Niagara River Toxics Management Plan

    PCB Waste Export Regulations, 1996

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