Maureen Reilly Part III

September 29, 1999

The Honorable Tony Clement
Ontario Minister of the Environment
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A8

Dear Minister,

Industries and municipalities in Ontario who formerly had access to Ministry of Environment laboratories have had to make alternative arrangements now that the Province has closed the regional labs. The Brock Land Stewards and the Uxbridge Conservation Association is concerned that the quality of testing is compromised when the Province allows unaccredited laboratories to be used to test solid, liquid, and gaseous wastes, soils, and other materials when meeting provincial environmental, agricultural, and health criteria. 

It is clear from examples like Atlantic Packaging, Ontario Disposal, and Fine Analysis Laboratories in Ontario, that scientific standards are not being upheld in some cases and that private and public interests are being damaged as a result. 

Other provinces in Canada are requiring industry and municipalities to use laboratories that are accredited to Guide 25 when submitting laboratory results. Nova Scotia is currently circulating draft legislation to this effect.

Ontario should pass legislation making accreditation to Guide 25 a requirement for all analytical submissions to the Ontario Government.


Maureen Reilly
Uxbridge Conservation Association
RR#3 Kirkfield
Ontario, K0M 2B0

cc. Hon. Mr. E. Harderman, Ontario Minister of Agriculture
Lisa Schultz, Office of the Environmental Commissioner
National Farmers Union
David Armitage, OFA
Rick Wilson, CAEAL
Dr. N. McQuaker, CAEAL
P. Clark, Standards Council of Canada