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Terratec awarded municipal contract for biosolids removal

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Hamilton-based Terratec Environmental Ltd. has been awarded a two-year $260,000 contract by the Town of Cobourg, Ontario for the removal and application of biosolids.

Terratec, a division of  American Water Enterprises, will undertake the removal, transportation and land application of about 10,000 cubic meters of biosolids from the Cobourg Water Pollution Control Plants.

"Terratec is pleased at the opportunity to work with Cobourg once again and looks forward to a continued relationship with the town,” said Douglas Legge, president of Terratec Environmental Ltd., in a statement.  “The Terratec team has extensive experience in the removal and application of biosolids and we are proud to offer our skills and knowledge to complete this project in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner.”

Terratec Environmental Ltd.

Terratec Environmental Ltd. provides biosolids management, transport and disposal services to municipal and industrial customers in Canada. It is part of American Water Enterprises, the market-based subsidiary of American Water.

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Steve, if biosolids are not land applied they are either incinerated or dumped into a landfill. Even after incineration, the ashes still end up in landfills. Once things are dumped into a landfill, no one really monitors them, so there's a chance that it could leach right into the water table straight from the landfill. Plus, people seem to be totally okay with animal waste being spread on farm fields, you don't think that stuff is pumped with hormones and other contaminants? Biosolids are tested, and they must be tested by labs accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Could hormones be in biosolids? There is extensive research ongoing. Some studies have found that there is, but it doesn't get transferred to the plant. But either way, if it doesn't end up in the water through biosolids, it will find another way. At least the application of biosolids is controlled and provides a sustainable re-use for human waste. Eventually our landfills are going to fill up, then what do we do with our waste?

Posted March 18, 2014 02:22 PM

Steve Anderosov

Before these biosolids are spread all over the countryside , are they tested for germicides or human hormonal contamination? From everything I gather levels of these man-made threats are increasing in ground water sampling all over the states, many of them served by the same parent companies. Do we want this problem to increase in Canada? do we even have established maximums for these contaminates in biosolids? Who is mandated to test for them? These companies talk about how "environmentally responsible" they are, will they say the same thing if it proves they are responsible for creating a disaster with drinking water aquifers?

Posted March 6, 2014 03:20 PM

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