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Welcome to our new Format!

Readers, welcome to the redesigned electronic newsletter for HazMat Management magazine!

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December 5, 2012 by Hazmat Management

Readers, welcome to the redesigned electronic newsletter for HazMat Management magazine!

We bring you this modernized format to ensure our newsletter experience keeps pace with technology. Whether you’re at home checking e-mail, or looking for the latest industry news on your smartphone, we want our format to be compatible and informative for all our readers.

“The cleaner look allows our weekly newsletter to display better on smartphones, and give readers a better overall experience reading online,” says HazMat Editor Guy Crittenden.

If you’re looking for tech, we’ve added photos and videos to take our newsletter experience to the next level.   

We’ve also added our online columnists (bloggers) to the forefront of industry action, placing their online columns at the top of our new newsletter. We’ll be adding more online columnists in the coming months.

Whether it’s a small seminar or a large conference, we’ll keep you posted on all the industry events worth knowing about. 

If there’s a change in legislation that may affect your business, we’ll keep you posted. If there’s a major project, merger, court case, award or promotion, we’ll keep you posted.

Apart from the change in appearance for our new HazMat Management magazine electronic newsletter, we remain just as committed as ever to bringing you the latest news in an around the industry in these exciting times.

Globally, remediation and hazardous materials are becoming bigger issues each and every day. We are honoured to continue working alongside you in this industry during this critical time for change and advancement. 

Technology looks bright for the future of waste. As it’s happening, we won’t waste the opportunity to let you know about it.  

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  1. LARRY says:

    A GREAT improvemnt.

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