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Quebec company releases ‘depolluting’ roof membrane

Toitures R@9 has launched Quebec's first roof membrane that eliminates nitrous oxides (NOx) from the atmosphere.

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October 22, 2012 by Hazmat Management

Toitures R@9 has launched Quebec’s first roof membrane that eliminates nitrous oxides (NOx) from the atmosphere.

NOx involves toxic and irritating gases emitted primarily by motor vehicles. It has a warming potential 310 times greater than CO2.

Through these depolluting Noxite®-treated granules, the membrane transforms toxic NOx molecules into harmless nitrate salt throughout the lifetime of the membrane.

In Quebec, 40 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from road transport.

A 15,000 m2 roof will eliminate annually the equivalent of NOx emitted by 60 vehicles driving over 20,000 km.

With 30 years on the frontlines, industry veteran Denis Faucher was one of the principal actors involved in the installation of Québec’s first extensive green roof. A seasoned designer and an accomplished innovator, Faucher is known as one of the stars of the roofing industry and his contributions to the industry are countless, including his speaker role and as a specialized consultant.

Faucher founded Toitures R@9, a company specializing in the cleaning and disinfection of asphalt shingles and roof membrane contaminated by blue-green algae, as well as in the drying of thermal insulation and the monitoring of rooftops (computer-assisted maintenance).

According to Faucher, a sustainable roof is one “designed, built, maintained and rehabilitated with tremendous respect for the use of natural resources and for the preservation of the environment”.

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1 Comment » for Quebec company releases ‘depolluting’ roof membrane
  1. Claude FRegeau architect says:

    After reading the article on NOx cleaning Siplast membrane, I decided to write a small comment.

    It seems very surprising that this new breakthrough in roofing did not create enough reactions. I believe that this is a direction towards new materials should aim at. After walking on the moon, we should be able to take care of our own atmosphere and develop many long term solutions to help the environment after centuries of neglect.

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