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A report published by the North American Commission...

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December 18, 2001 by Hazmat Management

A report published by the North American Commission
for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) provides details on environmental enforcement activities in Canada, Mexico and the United States as part of the CEC’s response to public requests for more information on enforcement and compliance issues.

Prepared by the North American Working Group on Enforcement and Compliance Cooperation–composed of senior-level environmental enforcement officials from the three countries–the Special Report on Enforcement Activities focuses on three enforcement issues:
compliance promotion, compliance verification (inspection), and measurement of program results.

The report uses statistics to describe activities undertaken by each country and focuses on enforcement of laws for pollution control and wildlife protection. The report also looks at cooperative initiatives carried out through the CEC.

The report is available online at:

For more information contact Ignacio Gonzlez at(514) 350-4324 or gonzalez@ccemtl.org