HazMat Management


December 22, 2015 Feature

Edmonton needs 25 new HazMat techs, says chief

by HazMat Staff

Edmonton currently has 110 trained HazMat technicians, but dealing with 813 spill-dominated HazMat calls in 2014 put stress on the team

November 16, 2015 Feature

Now You’re Cooking: First responders defend against ‘Kitchen Menace’

by Dr. Kevin J. Knopp

This handheld device for chemical detection and identification is a downrange tool for situational understanding. It expands the survey mission with a focused objective, sniffing out priority chemical warfare agents, toxic industrial materials, and precursors.

August 13, 2015 Feature

Ontario seeking to double HazMat waste fees

by HazMat Staff

Ontario is accepting comments on the HWIN proposal until Sept. 19 under EBR Registry number 012-3915

July 23, 2015 Feature

EPA removes Michigan’s Burrows Sanitation site from Superfund list

by HazMat Staff

A groundwater cleanup system was also installed in 1989, and ongoing environmental monitoring ever since shows that the cleanup has been effective

June 30, 2015 Feature

US approves chemical reform Bill

by HazMat Staff

It brings Congress another step closer to reforming the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA)

June 30, 2015 Feature

Ohio Haz waste incinerator fined $34K for 2013 malfunction

by HazMat Staff

The levels of lead on a backyard slide were more than twice the EPA’s soil standard

June 30, 2015 Feature

Ont. concrete company gets fine plus creative sentencing

by HazMat Staff

Rainbow Concrete has agreed to offer stream and bank remediation around the Junction Creek area, as well as implement a training program for its staff

May 8, 2015 Feature

EPA eyes Superfund removal of New Jersey landfill site

by HazMat Staff

Contaminants originally found in the 10-acre site’s surface soil included sediments like fly ash and fine particles of ash from a solid fuel caused by waste gases from manufacturing

April 30, 2015 Feature

U.S. chemical safety bill passes committee vote

by HazMat Staff

If the bill passes a full Senate vote, it would mark the first substantial update to the Toxic Substances Control Act since the law was adopted in 1976.

April 23, 2015 Feature

Check out this air-monitoring park bench in Philly…

by HazMat Staff

The special bench was developed by the EPA as a unique way to get the public to participate in the measurement of air quality

April 22, 2015 Feature

CSA Group opens new HazMat lab in Edmonton

by HazMat Staff

CSA Group says the new facility will also offer testing for windows and doors

April 16, 2015 Feature

Canada’s energy board launches interactive pipeline spill map

by HazMat Staff

“This new and interactive tool offers Canadians the ability to learn more about pipeline incidents and the companies involved. It also demonstrates the NEB’s increasing commitment to transparency,” says NEB chair Peter Watson