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RISK-REWARD: Planning for disaster in the tech age

In this technological age of interdependency between departments and infrastructure, a domino-effect during a crisis is a growing fear.
Nov 7, 2013

Lac-Megantic report points finger at government

A new report on the Lac-Mégantic train disaster raises questions about the federal government’s strategy of encouraging self-regulation within the rail industry.
Oct 31, 2013

Cleantech sector finding economic footing, says new report

Macroeconomic drivers have reignited cleantech investment and expanded its reach across sectors and industries, according to new research.
Oct 24, 2013

CN Rail hit by three HazMat derailments in one month

Just days after the federal government vowed to increase rail safety in Canada, yet another derailment from CN Rail has left authorities scrambling to clean-up liquefied petroleum gas spilled in Alberta.
Oct 21, 2013

Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards lapsed during US shutdown

While the effects of the U.S. government shutdown rippled throughout the states, critical authorization and appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security's Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) program reached their...
Oct 21, 2013

CEC searching for consultant to develop guidelines for black carbon emissions

The Commission for Environmental Co-operation of North America (CEC) is looking for a consultant to help develop guidelines for gauging black carbon emissions in North America.
Oct 16, 2013

Canada, US to benefit from international treaty on Mercury reduction

Canada has signed a global treaty to reduce mercury emissions, and it may find itself as the single largest beneficiary.
Oct 16, 2013

Ontario has successful first year for new sharps, medication EPR strategy

Over the last year, Ontario saw a 10 per cent increase in the amount of needles and medication recovered under the province’s new extended producer responsibility regulations and the Health Products Stewardship Association (HPSA).
Oct 9, 2013

HazMat seminar explores art & science of eFracking

We’ve come a long way from blasting into the ground with our fingers crossed, says Kyle Dacey of Chemco Inc., as HazMat Management magazine’s half-day seminar on eFracking wrapped at the BMO Financial...
Oct 9, 2013

Toronto dry cleaner fined $60,000 for mishandling toxic solvent

Toronto’s Ashford Cleaners Inc. has been fined $60,000 for contravening Ontario’s tetrachloroethylene (Use in Dry Cleaning and Reporting Requirements) Regulations. 
Oct 3, 2013

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