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SIN dangerous chemical list expands by 66 per cent

Chemsec, a Sweden-based non-profit advocating for a toxic-free world, has expanded its Substitute It Now (SIN) list for chemicals of concern by 66 per cent.
Mar 6, 2013

Quebec drops out of Top 10 global mining list

A February 2013 global mining survey says that Quebec has dropped out of the top 10 global mining jurisdictions after holding the number one spot from 2007 to 2010.
Mar 6, 2013

Cleantech Outlook for 2013

To some, cleantech refers only to renewable energy. Others have an expanded view that includes industries that develop and use technology to deliver products or services with fewer environmental impacts (and that use fewer resources) than...
Mar 1, 2013

Data shows mercury, lead and cadmium emissions dropping

New Environment Canada data shows a reduction in smelting and upstream oil and gas industry activity significantly cut national emissions for heavy pollutants like mercury, lead and cadmium over 2010 to 2011.
Feb 27, 2013

US teams with TerraTherm for Vietnam Agent Orange cleanup

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) announced February 19, 2013 that it has formed a $36.8-million contract with TerraTherm Inc. to carry out thermal remediation of dioxin at Vietnam's Danang Airport.
Feb 20, 2013

Cleantech entrepreneurs can apply now for SD Tech Fund

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is looking for the next wave of innovative cleantech entrepreneurs with the announcement of its call for applications to the SD Tech Fund from February 20th to April 17th, 2013.
Feb 20, 2013

$1.85-million cleanup in Alberta labyrinthine illegal dumping case

The website homepage for McColman & Sons Demolition Ltd. offers visitors a slideshow of company projects, but unbeknownst to clients, the demolition waste from these projects may have been illegally dumped, damaging local wetlands in rural...
Feb 13, 2013

Clean Harbors CFO resigns, shares drop

Clean Harbors Inc.’s chief financial officer, Robert Gagnon, has resigned.
Feb 6, 2013

Exploring new alternatives for treating and reusing soil

When Theresa Phillips began her career as an environmental consultant some 15 years ago there was a lot of excitement over bio-remediation techniques for contaminated soil.
Feb 6, 2013

Two-year lead, arsenic remediation project wraps in Connecticut

Sevenson Environmental Services of Niagara Falls, N.Y., has completed a two-year lead remediation project to excavate and remove lead and arsenic contaminated soil from the yards of houses and commercial properties in Connecticut.
Jan 30, 2013

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