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Lystek honored for advancing wastewater tech

Apr 10, 2013

'Biochar' cuts soil GHG by one-third, study finds

Researchers are now saying that biochar — charcoal used to treat soil — has the potential to not only increase soil fertility, but to sequester carbon and cut greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).
Apr 3, 2013

Ontario can crank up carbon to curb climate change: Report

A new roundtable report, Investing in Soils for a Sustainable Future, outlines significant potential in increasing the carbon content of Ontario’s soils, says Gord Miller, the province’s Environmental Commissioner.
Mar 27, 2013

Uranium mining protests gain traction in Quebec

Environmental activists and First Nations are calling on the Quebec government to ban uranium exploration within the province following a March 11, 2013 mining protest in Quebec City.
Mar 21, 2013

Sarnia's 'Chemical Valley' meets resistance

A crowd of more than 100 people marched some 10 kilometres through Sarnia’s industrial stretch dubbed "Chemical Valley" on March 15, 2013. They were waving signs like "Cancer Alley" and "Toxic Tour" to highlight health and environmental...
Mar 21, 2013

Mining industry awaits Nfld ruling on tailings ponds

Following a February 2013 court hearing in Newfoundland, an East Coast environmental group is concerned that in the weeks or months to come — while it waits for the judge’s ruling — mining companies will continue to exploit a...
Mar 13, 2013

FATAL ERROR: Worker dies after mistaking methanol mix for vodka

An Ontario court has fined Brewers Retail Inc. $175,000 after a worker it contracted to wash beer delivery trucks died from drinking bright blue windshield wiper fluid stored in a large plastic vodka bottle.
Mar 13, 2013

SIN dangerous chemical list expands by 66 per cent

Chemsec, a Sweden-based non-profit advocating for a toxic-free world, has expanded its Substitute It Now (SIN) list for chemicals of concern by 66 per cent.
Mar 6, 2013

Quebec drops out of Top 10 global mining list

A February 2013 global mining survey says that Quebec has dropped out of the top 10 global mining jurisdictions after holding the number one spot from 2007 to 2010.
Mar 6, 2013

Cleantech Outlook for 2013

To some, cleantech refers only to renewable energy. Others have an expanded view that includes industries that develop and use technology to deliver products or services with fewer environmental impacts (and that use fewer resources) than...
Mar 1, 2013

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