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Year two for the International Sites and Spills Expo (ISSE) in Toronto saw industry exhibitors flaunt some cutting-edge technology.

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November 26, 2012 by Hazmat Management

Year two for the International Sites and Spills Expo (ISSE) in Toronto saw industry exhibitors flaunt some cutting-edge technology.

Presented by HazMat Management magazine, the November 7 – 8, 2013 Expo left attendees with a fun yet informative glimpse of the best new products in 2012 for spill response and remediation across North America.

More than 60 exhibitors and 35 seminar speakers took part in the Expo.

One popular booth at the tradeshow belonged to Best Glove Mfg. Ltd., which debuted its remarkable Green-Dex product, the world’s first biodegradable nitrile glove.

And yes, it can still stand up against oil.

“It’s a brand new technology. This is the first show in Canada with this glove,” said Karl Pilatzke, territory manager with Best Glove. “The gloves in the landfills will be there for hundreds of years, but these will biodegrade in about 2.2 years.”

At the other end of the tradeshow floor at the International Centre, Murray Hunt was busy with the Expo crowd who wanted a peek at his airborne videography equipment from High Eye Aerial Imaging Inc. Essentially a miniature helicopter equipped with a camera, at first glance it may seem that anybody could fly this thing. But to the dismay of neighbouring exhibitors, the equipment actually requires a licence through Transport Canada.

“If you want to get a shot of a spill you can’t get at, or an environment where you can’t send anybody in, this is great,” said Hunt, who in addition to being company president is also an unmanned aerial vehicle pilot for the southern Ontario-based company.

The mini-copters can fly over a scene for hours, reaching speeds of more than 100 kilometres per hour while providing high quality images. In addition to spill control, the imaging service can be used for anything from border control to maritime surveillance, fire detection, or even counter terrorism.

This mini-copter wasn’t on air duty at the ISSE, so it was unlikely to catch the many spills intentionally created by Charlie Zeihr of Spill Experts, who was in high-gear product demonstration mode at his tradeshow booth.

Zeihr would spill all kinds of sludge that easily cleaned-up in seconds with the help of a professional all-natural absorbent polymer blend called Drill Away. The product can absorb up to 300 times its weight, or approximately one litre of oil per pound.  

“It solidifies it and transforms it to 70 per cent water and 30 per cent oil. There’s nothing else on the market like it,” said Zeihr, as he stirred up the grey-tinged concoction in a demo tray.

From radio equipment to hazmat suits from companies like Lakeland Protective Wear and First Response Environmental, or real emergency response vehicles from the likes of Quantum Murray, the ISSE tradeshow had something for everyone in the industry.  

HazMat Management magazine would like to thank every one of you that attended the Expo, and hope to see you back in Toronto for Sites and Spills Expos to come.