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STAY TUNED: Sentencing in deadly 2008 Sunrise Propane blast

The sentencing submissions for Sunrise Propane, the company convicted in a deadly Toronto explosion in 2008, are set to begin later today on May 8, 2014.

Sunrise Propane and its directors Shay Ben-Moshe and Valery Belahov were found guilty in June 2013 of nine provincial offences related to the propane tank blast that forced thousands of people from area homes and caused $25-million in damages.

The submissions will continue on October 27 and 31, 2014.

Sunrise employee Parminder Saini, 25, died in the blast, and Bob Leek, a 55-year-old district chief with Toronto Fire Services, who responded to the emergency on his day off, died of a heart attack the following day.

Among the regulatory violations Sunrise Propane was found guilty of contravening were: releasing a contaminant; failing to clean up after an explosion; failing to protect and properly train a worker; and contravening a number of Provincial Orders.

The court ruled that Sunrise failed to provide safety training and a safe working environment, discharged a contaminant and contravened a number of provincial orders related to the cleanup after the blast.

The court also found that Ben-Moshe and Belahov failed to take all reasonable care to prevent the company from flouting those orders.

Following the blast, the government shut down all three of Sunrise Propane’s facilities.

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