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Nova Scotia to float frack ban in fall

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September 4, 2014 by Hazmat Management

Nova Scotia’s Energy Minister says the provincial government could ban hydraulic fracturing after legislation is introduced in fall 2014.

Energy Minister Andrew Younger says the public has clearly expressed its concerns over the drilling practice, which involves injecting chemicals, sand and water into shale rocks deep underground, freeing natural gas when the rocks burst under pressure.

Nova Scotia experts recently released a report saying fracking shouldn’t be allowed until more independent research is done on health, environmental and economic impacts.

A two-year moratorium on fracking was put in place by the previous NDP government in 2012 as public protests grew in Nova Scotia and in neighbouring New Brunswick.

On Aug. 3, Younger referred to the ongoing fracking controversy in New Brunswick, where violent protests against drilling occurred in October 2013 near Rexton.

Nova Scotia Premier David Alward has consistently warned that a frack ban could further damage the province’s economy.