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ISSE ’12 Award Winners

The culmination of the first day of the Second Annual International Sites & Spills Expo (ISSE) was a celebration of excellence in five categories related to environmental protection and clean technology.

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November 21, 2012 by Hazmat Management

The culmination of the first day of the Second Annual International Sites & Spills Expo (ISSE) was a celebration of excellence in five categories related to environmental protection and clean technology.

The ceremony took place in the Orion room of the International Centre in Toronto at the end of a day of stimulating conference sessions.

On hand to present the awards was EcoLog Group Manager Carol Bell-Lenoury and Guy Crittenden, Editor of HazMat Management magazine.

The first award was presented to…

Main Photo: John Hosty of the Warsash Group, HAZMAT AWARD WINNER 

Lifetime Achievement in Safety Environmental Protection

ISSE: It’s hard to imagine that the environmental laws and pollution prevention or cleanup strategies that we now almost take for granted were new at that time. We’ve spent 23 years informing Canadian and U.S. readers about their compliance requirements, and the technologies and strategies that will help them get the job done. John has been with us every step of the way.

So, we are giving John Hosty the HazMat Award for his lifetime achievement making a real difference toward us all enjoying a safer workplace and a cleaner environment.

Inset Photos from top Down:

Brian Butters of Purifics ES Inc.


Excellence in Filtration Technology

ISSE: CUF (Ceramic Ultra Filtration) is one of these disruptive technologies that has been developed and refined over 20 years. The company was founded in 1993 by Brian Butters and Tony Powell.

The company has been active in remediation and industrial process water. Achievements include a number of Superfund installations, a closed-loop production facility for the US Navy, and installations for 1,4-dioxane in Canada and Florida, plus cleaning of D2O and other wastewater for the nuclear industry.

David Freeman of CORRE Ltd.


Excellence in Cleaning Up Petroleum Waste

ISSE: CORRE is a Canadian-based company which trades on the TSX Venture Exchange and other stock exchanges. CORRE provides full-cycle oil-waste management solutions to the petroleum industry. CORRE’s customers are primarily in the upstream petroleum sector (oil production and drilling companies) and downstream petroleum sector (oil refinery, transportation and distribution companies).

CORRE’s operating lines include remediation of a variety of challenging materials, including oil-contaminated soil, sludge, mud and drilling waste. The company recovers oil, has an automated oil storage tank cleaning service, oil and gas engineering, and project management services.


Sven Dean of Groundtech Solutions


Excellence in Remediation Instruments

ISSE: Based in Richmond Hill, Ontario and with an additional location in Red Deer, Alberta, GroundTech Solutions is a forefront provider of innovative subsurface technology for the environmental, geotechnical, construction, exploration and mining industries. Through its network of Canadian, American and European industry leaders, GroundTech Solutions addresses the needs of the engineers, contractors, and regulatory bodies working in the field.

GroundTech provides the Canadian market with the latest in direct push technology and direct sensing innovations, as well as complete soil and groundwater sampling systems, including remediation solutions and field instrumentation.

We are presenting GroundTech Solutions with this year’s Remediation Award in recognition of the company’s leadership in the commercialization and application of innovative site remediation instruments


Representatives from Newalta


Excellence in Oil Recycling and Corporate Leadership

Pictured (left to right): 

Greg Jones, Director of Communications & Community Relations

Wayne Clark, Sales & Marketing Manager, National Onsite

Mark Rutledge, Senior Business Manager, Eastern Division

Ian Ross, Sales & Marketing Manager, Ontario & U.S. Market

ISSE: Newalta has made an exceptional contribution to a sustainable economy by re-refining used oil into new oil and petroleum products and for their success in growing their business across Canada.

Newalta is a leading North American multi-service provider of solutions to a variety of environmental challenges. In addition to recycling petroleum products, the company offers innovative, engineered environmental solutions to customers directly on-site and through a network of 85 locations in Canada and the United States.

The company has enjoyed excellent growth across North America, with double digit return on investment year after year. Last month Newalta acquired an additional $77 million in equity financing, the latest in a series of deals that suggest investors strongly believe in the future of the company.

We present Newalta with the Leadership Award this year for its achievements in oil re-refining and fulfilling its vision of creating a large national and international multi-service environmental services company.