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ECOFLO waste collection earns ISO 14001

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May 29, 2014 by Hazmat Management

ECOFLO  |  Hazardous  Waste Management

Recent ISO 14001:2004 certification allows North Carolina-based ECOFLO to increase service to municipalities and businesses along the Eastern seaboard from its headquarters in Greensboro and its facilities in other states. 

The ISO 14001 certification allows ECOFLO to expand its reach, reducing pollution and waste generation as a treatment, storage and disposal facility, while giving the regions where it operates an advantage in economic development. 

“Achieving ISO 14001 certification is a rigorous, stringent process. Since 1982, we’ve had the same practices in place to safely process hazardous waste, and with this certification, our entire system—all of our policies and procedures—has the official stamp of approval,” said Paul McAllister, president and CEO of ECOFLO Holding Inc. “With the recent bout of environmental accidents and spills, many municipalities, manufacturers, and other companies look for certified hazardous waste facilities as part of their environmental requirements. This certification validates ECOFLO’s dependability to meet the needs of more businesses and cities,” added McAllister. 

In addition to its work for industrial companies that generate waste, ECOFLO is the East Coast leader in operating full-time, permanent collection centers for municipalities and government agencies. ECOFLO is well-known for its highly successful household hazardous waste program since the early 1990s when it began offering free drop-off service for used motor oil to the local community. Today there are more restrictive laws that ban indiscriminate waste disposal and people have become more aware of the need to protect the environment. For areas where it doesn’t have a permanent location, ECOFLO manages one-day events for municipalities, as well as events for private companies conducting collections for employees. 

In addition to the ISO certification, all ECOFLO departments have set goals for sustainability including creating a smaller carbon footprint; supporting a footprint reduction for customers; improving processes; and educating employees, customers and the community.

McAllister said, “Caring for the environment and being an energy-efficient company means we keep costs down and use fewer natural resources. This certification is a reassurance to the communities that we support for hazardous waste processing and removal.” The independent assessment and certification of ECOFLO’s environmental management system is implemented by Norway-based DNV GL, the international certification body.