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CRA and GHD enviro firms merge

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July 3, 2014 by Hazmat Management

Conestoga-Rovers & Associates (CRA) and GHD, both leaders in engineering, environmental consulting, architecture and construction services, have joined forces.

The combined company will be called GHD, and will employ some 8,500 employees with 4,000 in North America alone. The merger includes all of CRA and its family of companies, including Inspec-Sol and eSolutions. The companies have officially merged, with all ongoing employee shareholders in CRA becoming shareholders of GHD. This unique feature of the merger makes it one of the largest private stock transactions in the engineering and environmental consulting industry, the companies announced July 3, 2014.

GHD CEO Ian Shepherd says, “This is one of the largest true mergers to have occurred in our industry. We are building on the strengths of two leading companies to create a global team of more than 8,500 people across five continents. We are adding significant growth and scale to our business, while retaining the advantages of our private, employee-ownership business model for creating client value.”

CRA’s President Ed Roberts says, “CRA’s goal has been to leverage our outstanding environmental, geotechnical and forensic engineering capabilities and broaden our business in the municipal infrastructure markets. With GHD we’re able to do this, while expanding our global footprint, particularly in Australia and Asia, to better serve our multinational clients.”

By combining resources, melding business practices and pooling equity interests, the two companies become mutually dependent on each other for the creation of value over time. CRA and GHD will do this together by leveraging a deeper and more diverse talent pool, across a stronger geographic footprint.

For more information on the merger between CRA and GHD, contact: 

Saman Chaudry, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, GHD Inc. at 415 710 9933

Ed Roberts, President CRA, at eroberts@craworld.com

Richard Wankmuller, President GHD Inc., at Richard.Wankmuller@ghd.com