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Anaergia Inc shuffles top management

Anaergia Inc., which specializes in recovering value from waste for municipal, industrial, and agriculture sectors worldwide, has reorganized its senior management.

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June 26, 2014 by Hazmat Management

Anaergia Inc., which specializes in recovering value from waste for municipal, industrial, and agriculture sectors worldwide, has reorganized its senior management.

These changes are a result of “the maturing of the company’s activities,” Anaergia officials stated in a June 25, 2014 announcement.

Dr. Andrew Benedek, company founder and former Chairman and Chief Technology Officer, has been appointed as Chairman and CEO of Anaergia Inc.  Dr. Benedek, Anaergia’s founder, had previously founded ZENON Environmental, the world’s leading membrane company, and served as its CEO until it was acquired by General Electric in 2006.

Steve Watzeck, former CEO of Anaergia, has been appointed Chief Commercial Officer of membrane technology-based Solutions.  He will also become Chairman of the Board for Anaergia’s membrane technology company, Fibracast, and thereby tie the sales network of Anaergia to the products of Fibracast. Watzeck will continue to serve on Anaergia’s Board of Directors as well and use his expertise in strategic growth for the benefit of the entire organization.

Arun Sharma, formerly President of Anaergia Services, Anaergia’s main US subsidiary, has been appointed President of the Americas, responsible for all of Anaergia’s business units in the Americas other than its Fibracast subsidiary.

 Dr. Benedek’s team has now developed many of the technologies needed to fuel the company’s growth. His world leading combination of technical knowledge and entrepreneurial skills are now best used to support the regional leaders such as Sharma.  At the same time, Fibracast has reached the point where its products have proven their great promise. Therefore, the appointment of Watzeck, a world leading expert in membrane commercialization, will be very helpful to Fibracast at this critical time in this subsidiary’s growth.Anaergia

Similarly, all Europe, Middle East and Africa operations are now under the leadership of Luca Belli. Anaergia’s rapidly growing Asian business continues to be managed ably by Tim Huang and his dynamic team.

In addition, three other individuals round out the company’s team of senior executives. Krishnan Iyer, who recently joined Anaergia as CFO, had previously been at Enwave Energy Corporation, a leading Canadian provider of innovative, sustainable energy services. Hani Kaissi, SVP, Corporate Development and Operations, has been with the company since its North American inception. Iyer and Kaissi together make sure that Anaergia’s finances, operations and investments are properly managed and support the growth of the Company. Juan Josse, Chief Engineer, makes sure that the company remains at the forefront of waste conversion technologies.

John Tomescu, who has succeeded to develop a revolutionary membrane product, as well as a manufacturing line to support global sales. John will continue to lead the evolution of Fibracast as its CEO.

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