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REPORT: US revs up biogas expansion, research

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August 8, 2014 by Hazmat Management

A new US government report outlines federal initiatives to support growth in the private biogas waste-to-energy sector, while supporting some $10 million in multi-agency funding for biogas research.

Published August 1 by the US Department of Agriculture, the EPA, and the US Dept. of Energy, the report concludes that biogas can boost the economy while providing renewable energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The multi-agency Biogas Opportunities Roadmap report states that the US currently has 2,000 biogas sites, and more than 11,000 additional facilities could be deployed to handle organic waste to produce energy.

“The potential for biogas to increase renewable energy production, reduce landfill waste, benefit the environment, and spur economic growth in the US is significant,” says Shlomi Palas, CEO of Bluesphere, a cleantech waste-to-energy firm in North Carolina.

“We are eager to expand our operations in the US in conjunction with some major partners and to capitalize on biogas opportunities,” Palas adds.

Bluesphere has begun design and engineering work, and is scheduled to break ground in 2014 on a 5.2 megawatt waste-to-energy anaerobic digester in Charlotte, North Carolina. The company is also developing in a 3.2 megawatt waste-to-energy project in Rhode Island and has a deal to develop a 5.2 megawatt waste-to-energy project in Massachusetts.