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June 26, 2014 Column

Taking Canada to task for sunny outlook on asbestos

by Guy Crittenden

One of Canada’s great shames over the decades has been the federal government’s continued promotion of asbestos as a safe building material. The feds in Canada have promoted exports from the eponymous Town of Asbestos, Quebec in order to support

June 19, 2014 Column

Northern Gateway: The National Pipe Dream

by Guy Crittenden

No special insight is required to observe that Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline project will be “the one to watch” in the coming years, in order to understand Canada’s economic and environmental priorities. Yesterday the federal government approved the project,

June 17, 2014 Column

Improving your industry news — we welcome your comments & feedback

by David Nesseth

Times are a-changing, but for the better. As of today, I’m taking on a more dedicated role with HAZMATMAG.COM and its sister site SOLIDWASTEMAG.COM. What does that mean for you? Well, it means better quality content and more up-to-date news, more photos, and

June 17, 2014 Column

Mental Health and Addiction

by Lynne Bard

Under the OHRC (The Code) a person is protected from discrimination based on mental health disabilities. These grounds also cover mental illnesses and addictions. The Code states that people with mental health disabilities and addictions have the right to live

June 12, 2014 Column

“Sustainababble” is my new favorite word

by Guy Crittenden

I thought to share this insightful online article by Bill Sheehan, Executive Director of Upstream (formerly the Product Policy Institute), who works tirelessly to bring about the introduction of meaningful extended producer responsibility (EPR) for end-of-life management of products and

June 10, 2014 Column

Sick Leave

by Lynne Bard

In Ontario there is no such thing as a “sick day”. However under the Employment Safety Act (ESA) there are “personal emergency leave” days, and “family medical leave” days. In order for an employee to be eligible for personal emergency

June 4, 2014 Column

Another day, another pipeline spill

by Guy Crittenden

Proponents of pipelines like the proposed Keystone or Northern Gateway projects are eventually going to have to face the fact that the entire oil and gas pipeline industry needs to upgrade its environmental performance if it wants to be taken

May 29, 2014 Column

Carpet stewardship a wall-to-wall failure

by Guy Crittenden

I wish to share an interesting online column posted by Bill Sheehan, Executive Director of UPSTREAM (formerly the Product Policy Institute) on his organization’s website about the failure of the carpet industry’s trade association to participate meaningfully in meetings and

May 22, 2014 Column

Toxic shipbreaking conditions target of campaign

by Guy Crittenden

Readers who ship or receive goods by sea should take an interest in the end-of-life management of the ships that transport their goods. The matter of irresponsible shipbreaking in developing nations is a matter of international concern, and it’s reprehensible

May 15, 2014 Column

Something disturbing in Lac-Mégantic charges

by Guy Crittenden

When I first saw the newspaper headline that charges have been laid in regard to last year’s tragic train derailment in the Lac-Mégantic that killed 47 people, I could barely wait to read the details of the story. It turns out

May 7, 2014 Column

Big picture visualization of the energy system

by Guy Crittenden

A blog article introduces readers to an interesting information service from Ralph Torrie, Senior Associate of the CESAR Initiative, and President, Torrie Smith Associates. The services is called the Canadian Energy Systems Simulator (CanESS), and uses software to provide a graphic visual representation

May 6, 2014 Column


by Lynne Bard

North American Occupational Safety and Health week is a continent wide event which includes Canada, the United States and Mexico, where employers, workers and all partners in OHS collaborate to raise awareness about the importance of increasing understanding, raising awareness