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February 24, 2017 Column

What is a Brownfield? You be Judge

by John Nicholson

There are many definitions of a brownfield. The U.S. EPA defines a brownfield as follows: The term “brownfield site” means real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous

August 13, 2015 Column

Implementing Physical Activity within the Workplace

by Lynne Bard

Physical activity can have an important role in everyday life, whether at home or at school. However, physical activity can have a dramatic effect within the workplace since workers spend a lot of their time at work. As a result,

July 23, 2015 Column

BluMetric wins $3.2M contract with Vale Canada

by David Nesseth

As part of the project, BluMetric will undertake drilling, monitoring, and pumping of wells, aquifer tests and groundwater and surface-water sampling

July 2, 2015 Column

School is Out – Protect your Children’s Safety

by Lynne Bard

Seasonal health and safety hazards are often overlooked and not viewed as potential high risk hazards. However, the summer particularly poses high risk health and safety hazards for children since school is out for the summer. Educate your children on

June 23, 2015 Column

Canadian Brownfields Network marks one decade of achievements

by David Nesseth

In celebration of 10 years on the brownfields and remediation scene, HazMatmag.com would like to share some of the Canadian Brownfields Network’s major successes over the years

June 12, 2015 Column

Golder wins environment award at Montreal gala

by David Nesseth

The award was received at the annual gala held in Montreal on May 11

May 28, 2015 Column

The Importance of an Ergonomically Friendly Workplace

by Lynne Bard

Ergonomics Ergonomics is the study of how workers perform their work and how they interact with their workplace. Ergonomics aims at fitting the work environment to the worker; this includes designing equipment/devices to fit the worker and altering job tasks.

May 22, 2015 Column

Emergency Kits Needed to Prepare for Unexpected Situations

by Lynne Bard

Emergency situations are unexpected and can occur anywhere and at any time. Everybody should have an emergency kit prepared – whether at home or within the workplace. Emergency kits should be equipped with sufficient supplies to last the user for

May 6, 2015 Column

The Dangers of Trenching

by Lynne Bard

With summer right around the corner, the construction industry will be dealing with a lot of excavating. Excavating, or trenching, is a dangerous job that frequently leads to critical injuries or death while on the job, typically during a cave-in.

April 21, 2015 Column

Any VHS tapes still on that shelf?

by David Nesseth

While the VHS vs. Beta war may be long over, the war against keeping all those movie cassettes out of the world’s landfills has only just begun. Until just a few weeks ago, when my wife and I went on

April 14, 2015 Column

Montreal golf ball recycler burns down

by David Nesseth

About 100 nearby residents were evacuated from their homes in Beloeil as a precaution due to smoke from the blaze

March 23, 2015 Column

Discipline in the Workplace

by Lynne Bard

The purpose of discipline in the workplace is to correct the behaviour of an employee, not to punish them. There are two types of issues that may give rise to the need for discipline. Incompetence: Employee lacks knowledge, skills, or