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March 8, 2010 Column

The next edition of HazMat Management magazine

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers might like to know what’s coming in the next edition — Winter 2010 — of HazMat Management magazine, which is 56 pages long and goes on press in a day or two (in the mail mid-month). Extra

February 16, 2010 Column

Our new website design

by Guy Crittenden

Welcome everybody to our new website design! Kudos to Gary Fleming and the IT department at Business Information Group for developing the new look and functionality of our new site. The main differences you’ll notice are: — The navigation buttons

January 26, 2010 Column

Wisdom from military manuals

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers would appreciate this. Perhaps we could create a similar list from environmental equipment and service manuals or instructions. WISDOM FROM MILITARY MANUALS ‘If the enemy is in range, so are you.’ – Infantry Journal- ‘It is generally

January 19, 2010 Column

Google and Climategate

by Guy Crittenden

This is a very interesting article about how the Google search engine allegedly censors news, including information from unpopular climate change skeptics. Better off with Bing Lawrence Solomon 16 Jan 2010 Financial Post Googlegate: The search engine may be standing

January 12, 2010 Column

Do Americans need to look north?

by Guy Crittenden

I thought I’d share this editorial from Jerry Powell of the respected US trade magazine Resource Recycling. Canada’s EPR programs are starting to get attention south of the border. Do Americans need to look north? Jerry Powell Resource Recycling December

December 22, 2009 Column

Merry Christmas!

by Guy Crittenden

From the staff of HazMat Management magazine, Merry Christmas everybody and a Happy New Year! The Winter 2009-2010 edition of the magazine will be in the mail at month’s end and should be on your desk in early January. Enjoy!

December 15, 2009 Column

A climate wager

by Guy Crittenden

Readers know I’m a skeptic about man-made global warming, but in the interest of “balance” I reproduce below one person’s opinion of Canada as a thuggish petro-state in view of the recent Copenhagen meeting. This was sent to me by

December 8, 2009 Column

Understanding “Climategate”

by Guy Crittenden

Back in the 1990s I wrote a very long feature article for the “Focus” section of the Globe & Mail newspaper’s weekend edition. The piece exposed the controversy over the possibly junk science upon which a lot of global warming

December 3, 2009 Column

A pig farming letter worth sharing

by Guy Crittenden

I just had to share this letter from the UK that a friend forwarded to me. Although it’s not from Canada, it could certainly apply to many government situations and policies here. Some of the climate change offset stuff crossed

November 16, 2009 Column

The carbon footprint of water

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers would find this article very interesting about the carbon footprint of water, that is is moved around and used in greater volumes than most of us realize, as part of most energy generation systems. This is very

November 9, 2009 Column

What are the deniers denying?

by Guy Crittenden

Troy Media sent me the following op-ed piece on climate change that I thought readers might enjoy. Commentary November 6, 2009 What are the “Deniers” denying? By Dr. Stephen MurgatroydColumnist Troy Media There is a growing anxiety amongst the supporters

October 26, 2009 Column

This week: Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo

by Guy Crittenden

This week I’ll be at the Canadian Waste & Recycling Expo in Vancouver, BC. The 12th edition of this event takes place on Wednesday, October 28 and Thursday, October 29 at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre. I’ll be there