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October 21, 2008 Column

Paper and paperboard defends itself

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers might enjoy reading this letter that PPEC Executive Director John Mullinder sent to the Toronto Star about incorrect statements from Toronto Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker. October 14, 2008 Toronto Star VIA EMAIL RE: Toronto’s loose cannon misfires

October 4, 2008 Column

Gilbert and Winfield debate incineration

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers would enjoy this exchange from Alternatives Journal, an excellent Canadian publication to which I encourage readers subscribe. In the article, Richard Gilbert and Mark Winfield offer arguments for and against waste incineration. I have heard these arguments

September 29, 2008 Column

Solar winds

by Guy Crittenden

Here’s an interesting entry from Lawrence Solomon from his The Next City colum in the Financial Post (a section in the National Post newspaper). Another fact to consider in thinking about “global warming” is that precisely the same (small) amount

September 16, 2008 Column

Menzies versus the LCBO

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers would enjoy the following exchange between writer David Menzies and the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO). The initial article (and replies) appeared in the Financial Post and exposes the LCBO’s sham environmental programs. The LCBO replies

August 7, 2008 Column

Using the market to green the market

by Guy Crittenden

I found this article interesting and wish to share it with readers. For me, the authors make too much of the climate change threat — but that’s just me. Substitute your own sustainability concern wherever needed, and the overall argument

July 22, 2008 Column

Ten Points on Zero Waste

by Guy Crittenden

Some recent correspondence with members of the new Ontario Zero Waste Coalition caused me to write up an explanation of Zero Waste, as I understand the term. My motivation was both to clarify the term and further differentiate it from

June 3, 2008 Column

The Ice Man cometh

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers would enjoy this recent interesting article by policy analyst and environmental commentator Lawrence Solomon, taken from the National Post newspaper, FP Comment page. It’s an update on the topic of Sun cycles and their implications for climate.

May 7, 2008 Column

Manipulation at Wikipedia

by Guy Crittenden

I thought I’d mention to readers that I’m in possession of a book by Lawrence Solomon (of Energy Probe and the Urban Renaissance Institute) entitled The Deniers. It’s based on a collection of his articles in the National Post about

May 1, 2008 Column

Article on incentives for e-waste recycling

by Guy Crittenden

I thought readers might enjoy this short article by Patrick Hebert of Thriftopia — an Ontario organization that recycles e-waste. His point about economic incentives would apply to programs in jursidictions other than Ontario. Ontario’s E-Waste Program – What’s In

April 4, 2008 Column

Zero Waste on CBC’s The Current

by Guy Crittenden

Here’s the link to a recent episode of CBC’s The Current radio talk show. If you listen to Part Two, there’s an excellent segment in which host Anna Maria Tremonti interviews conservative MP Bob Mills (Red Deer, AB) — a

March 24, 2008 Column

The Zero Waste proponents time has come

by Guy Crittenden

I highly recommend that anyone interested in waste diversion and information/discussion about leading-edge product stewardship or extended producer responsibility (EPR) issues visit and bookmark the website of an organization called the Product Policy Institute. The website is here: http://www.productpolicy.org/ You’ll

January 23, 2008 Column

Zero waste and winning the oil end game

by Guy Crittenden

My work has got me very involved in understanding the Zero Waste movement lately — and the zero carbon footprint dimension — and I’ve begun to feel that — with certain qualifications — it offers the philosophical underpinning to solve