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February 23, 2017 News

Two-in-one Chemical Analyzer Enables On-site Virtual Mixture Analysis

by John Nicholson

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently announced a software update to its Thermo Scientific Gemini handheld analyzer.  The new functionality integrates HazMasterG3, a support system designed to allow chemical response personnel to virtually mix chemical substances, interpret the results rapidly, and better

February 23, 2017 News

Membrane Barrier Technology for Gas Contaminated Sites

by John Nicholson

Novia Ltd., a company specializing in membrane technology based in the United Kingdom, recently developed a new methane barrier membrane solution, Methane Pro, for use on gas contaminated sites.  The new membrane solution complements their current membrane range which includes

February 23, 2017 News

Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training

by John Nicholson

The Chlorine Institute & TRANSCAER Announce the 2017 Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Tour & Webinar Schedule The Chlorine Institute (CI) recently announced its 2017 Chlorine Institute/TRANSCAER Rail Safety and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Training Tour and

February 2, 2017 News

$1 billion Lawsuit for Contamination from Love Canal

by John Nicholson

The Town of Wheatfield, New York, just east of Niagara Falls, is being sued by current and former residents who claim that contaminants from the old Niagara Sanitation landfill impact their adjacent properties. There are 16 notices of claim that

January 5, 2017 News

Funding Opportunity for Companies with the U.S. EPA

by John Nicholson

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has a funding opportunity for companies with expertise developing tools, procedures, and guidance to promote efficient cleanup work. This project will provide support for state participation in developing tools, procedures, and guidance to promote efficient

December 28, 2016 News

The U.S. EPA Finalizes Risk Management Program for Chemical Facilities

by John Nicholson

In the U.S., some chemical facilities will soon be required to adhere to stricter Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) guidelines under a rule finalized recently by the U.S. EPA that amends its Risk Management Program (RMP) regulations. The US. EPA

December 8, 2016 News

Polybrominated Diphenyl ethers in the Great Lakes

by John Nicholson

The International Joint Commission (IJC) recently released a strategy report on reducing the risks to human health and the environment from the fire retardant polybrominated diphenyls (PBDEs). PBDEs have been used as a flame retardant since the 1970s and have

November 24, 2016 News

Cleaning up Low Level Radioactive Waste in Port Hope

by John Nicholson

As reported in Northumberland Today, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) recently held an update meeting for the public on the progress of cleaning up low-level radioactive waste in the Town of Port Hope.  The town is located approximately a

November 3, 2016 News

Safer Methods of Transferring Chemicals at Point-of-Use

by Del Williams

Every day industrial workers transfer potentially hazardous chemicals, such as solvents, acetones, lubricants, cleansers, and acids, from large drums into smaller containers, or into machinery.  This transfer of chemicals at the point of use, however, can have serious consequences when

October 27, 2016 News

Ontario Association of Emergency Managers

by John Nicholson

Becoming a member of the Ontario Association of Emergency Managers has many benefits for individuals wishing to explore the Emergency Management Industry. Member benefits include: Access to a network of emergency management contacts An excellent source of emergency management reference

September 22, 2016 News

Safety inspection blitz results in 40% of commercial vehicles receiving failing grade

by John Nicholson

A recent safety inspection blitz was performed over a two day period in Red Deer, Alberta.  The inspection blitz conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RMCP) resulted in a total of 63 failing to meet minimal safety standards.  In

September 8, 2016 News

Transport Canada releases FAQs on Part 8 of the TDGR

by John Nicholson

Three new FAQs on Part 8, Reporting Requirements of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (TDGR) were recently released by Transport Canada.  The FAQs provides safety awareness materials for the public, municipalities, first responders, and industry. As an example, the